Love me for who I ‘be’

by Zee
by Zee

Love me not for who you think I am,

Love me not for what I do for you,

Love me not for how I make you feel,

Love me not for how you expect me to be,

Limits, bars, thorns, bounding & entangling me

In a prison of no doors, yet crumbling me from the inside out

I am who I am, a flying, flowing spirit meant to be free, as you, as me

Let me be & Love me for who I be

by Zee

Light & Dark

by Zee
by Zee

A black hole imploded into my chest, swallowing

Every beam of light, every sliver of hope, every notion of sanity,

My heart not allowed to be, to exist, to beat at its own rhythm

Until the exploding, shattering Light upon Light,

The Light upon all that we know,

Poured its undeniable energy into my chest,

So my heart regained the rhythm it was meant to beat, to be, whole,

Flowing, complete in its being, warmth, acceptance, love

Reflected from within,

Eternally grateful to the Light, to the One

by Zee

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