Addressing trauma


Fantastical lies

A perfect idea in an imperfect being
A perfect idea in an imperfect world

A dynamic that pushes and pulls
A being in contemplation

A lie slithers to lay its eggs of deceitful good intentions
A lie coils around to distort perspective
A falsity between what is and what is in the mind

A world is not perfection nor destruction
A world is an interplay, a symbiosis of opposites to hatch a better one

By Zee ©

Rattling the cage

Man-made, steal, hard, standing tall

In every direction, spreading, encircling, limiting

Egotistical snares, trapping body, entangling spirit, confining soul

Elemental freedom vibrating, rattling, expressing

Traps unraveled, chains unbounded, bars unlocked

In the vast universe, externally expanding, body, spirit, soul, thriving, healing, flowing

By Zee©