Cosmic patterns

Standing in an ocean of void

Existence feeding its own cycle

An ouroboros, perpetuating in self -sufficiency?

Or feeding on its own tail out of existence?

Some observe the ocean while others observe the wave foam and its miniscule particles

Each lost in separation of their own existence

Order and chaos express their choreographed dance causing fractal patterns

An ocean from the sky and particles from the land

Land and sky, order and chaos, reality and void, individual and collective, separation and oneness

All waves in a flux dance, patterns of the cosmos

by Zee ©




By Zee

Ground trembling, pillars breaking, walls crumbling,being shaken,destruction

Who am I?

Who was I?


Where to begin?

What to build on? Is there a grounding left?

There is no I, there was a false I, grounded in illusion of I and what was


One pillar left after the flood, pure and true, what would I do without the One?


What would is being without the One?

Fragmented, broken, lost in darkness

The pillar like the rainbow colors integrated into the brilliant ray, interlocked to bring life

Who would being be without the One, the Light?

One pillar, spreading roots, grounded in light and true being, supplicating for a brighter future to bear pure fruit of a faithful heart

by Zee ©