Dreaming or awake?

“Last time I talked about dimensions and perceptions of our reality. Today I would like to address the idea of is our reality real and can we know if it is real or not? This thought came out of the idea of skepticism.

Philosophy has addressed this issue and there are many thought experiments about it. One of them is the butterfly parable: a man dreamt he was a butterfly flying around when he woke up he did not know if he is a man dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming it was a man.

We all know what dreams are and when we wake from a dream we feel we woke up. Yet there are dreams so real we feel we are awake in them, called lucid dreams. So can we actually know if we are awake or dreaming? Till this day no one has found a way to tell? Rene Descartes was an ultimate skeptic and could not prove anything real except that he thinks “I think therefor I am”. Though is that a way? We all know the effect of perception on our thinking and how it can be limited. So what is to be done?

First let’s begin with this question, does it matter if we are awake or dreaming? Or that our life is not real in the way we think it is? In any case we are experiencing things so something is happening, is it like the movie inception? Or the matrix movie? Is there a way to prove that?
It depends on your perception, which is affected by what you believe in.

If we are happy and enjoying our life does it matter then? But if we are living in a low state and unhappy then it does, no one wants to live like that. Ironically that is also the state of awareness. Before we are aware we live in a state of slumber and sleep and after we feel awake living life in a state of contentment, acceptance and flow.

This is not meant to confuse you rather to open your mind to open your mind to different states of how we perceive life and live it. We have the power to change. We have the power to wake up.”

Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the Butterfly Dream

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