‘The cosmic heart is alive inside of you’


As you dissolve the layers of your perceived shortcomings, through deep listening, you recognize the patterns of the past are here to bring you to full consciousness. What a perfect plan!

When we maneuver through our day we often need a bit of insight and support. These passages are arranged sequentially to provide a guiding light. Some, if not most of these lines, activate your connection to the Cosmic heart. The brevity in these statements offer a bit of lightness and clarity for those moments that could be unsettling. These supply the offset to a busy day or a lucid view of life’s complexities. As we manage our routine and all the moments in between, sometimes it is nice to slow down enough to access the part of us that is congruent with our Cosmic heart. Many of these are wonderful as seed mantras for quiet reflection or meditation. You may use these when lower thoughts may seep through.

๑ The Seven Tenets of Light

Where there is light, there is Truth.
Where there is light, there is Beauty.
Where there is light, there is Wholeness.
Where there is light, there is Love.
Where there is light, there is Perfect Intention.
Where there is light, there is Unending Presence.
Where there is love, there is Sanctity of Purpose.

๑ Sojourner

I remove myself from what is known. I trust that I am gently guided. I go beyond to explore who I truly am. I know that the fine details are being orchestrated on my behalf.

Know I am with you always. You are always held in the arms of love. There is nothing more important than this.

๑ Safe Passage

I know all is being balanced and realigned within me. I am always safe. I honor my heart, as I merge into my center. I am now precisely where I am supposed to be.

In the envelope there is a clear message. Break the seal and read the sacred text—it is a gift for you. Sleep, held in the arms of the ones who know and love you. Rest quietly and know, in the silence, your heart is safe with us.

๑ Clarity

I remain clear and focused with perfect intent. I look toward my destiny. I live in joy and comfort. I have everything I desire and all I need.

This has been perfected through my spiritual journey.

You are to excel and move forward to new heights. See your vision as clear and move gently along. There is more in store for you.

๑ Guidance

I awaken my ‘divine’ self. I realize there is more to life than the outward focus. I am guided through this passage; my instinctual self defends my interest.

I surrender to Divine Will, that has often provided instruction on which turn to take, place to travel, and friend to meet, upon arrival.

You are, in fact, the one for whom you have been searching. Dance yourself through the doorway. You are to discover the place of your becoming.

๑ Purpose

I discover my true purpose: to awaken my inner light and reveal my ‘divinity’. I am fully prepared to uncover the truths of my soul. I share my light wherever I go.

You are an embodiment of Divine Light. Explore the doorway, step over the threshold, and behold your true, unlimited self.

๑ Divine Light

I am a ‘divine’ embodiment of light. I awaken the light in my heart and share it with others in perfect grace.

You are a clear reflection of my heart. The light within you is found within the heart of All That Is.

๑ Divine Love

Love is the purpose of our existence. The alluring beauty of love opens sacred centers within me. I am filled with the enduring sustenance of love. My self-love is a reflection of the love of Source.

You are a formless being of light, imbued with ‘divine’ love. Clarity and purity are found in your heart; pour out love.

๑ Inner Voice

I listen to, trust, and have faith in my inner voice. In shifting my awareness to my inner guide, I find clarity. I experience myself in the light of who I am.

As you dissolve the layers of your perceived shortcomings, through deep listening, you recognize the patterns of the past are here to bring you to full consciousness. What a perfect plan!

๑ Destiny

To my delight my ancient self appears to me. I dance through a doorway of exquisite splendor, close it and never leave. I remain within, until eternity.

This is your destiny. You were always meant to find the truth, in unison with all.

๑ Solitude

In the quiet space within, I find my truth. I hear soft whispers in the stillness. In the solitude, I listen to the depth of my ancient self, the one who knows all.

I open the doorway to my heart and enter.

The source of your understanding lies in the silence, deep within. It is here where you are attuned to the Cosmic Heart, lying asleep within you.

๑ Tranquility

Peace is my natural state. I originate from the light of peace. It is here where I am most comfortable. Tranquility mirrors the emptiness found within.

Deep peace is what you are after. No sound, no movement, only the quiet River of Light, placidly flowing, a reminder of your internal rhythm of Grace.

๑ Courage

I am resilient and buoyant. I affirm my inward strength and ground myself. I move through all encounters and situations with certainty. I am an invisible pillar of strength.

You are courageous and resolute. Your resilient self is here to serve you. It has been unknown to you, until now. Know that you are strong, beyond your understanding.

๑ Safe Haven

Within my soul, I create a sacred center of refuge. Inside is my safe haven. There is no need to seek beyond my inner domain.

Stay here for as long as you wish. Search within this place of solace and find the peaceful sanctuary you seek. Retire here and cease your searching. You are at home now.

๑ Sovereignty

I answer the call of a movement found in my heart. It is the innate, ‘divine’ knowing of the Eternal Self. I rise above, unencumbered and free. I am soothed by the soft whispers, reminding me of my natural birthright.

It is easy to embrace your calling when you are in alignment with your essence. Listen intently to your eternal self, and the all-knowing force within.

๑ Wisdom

My insights are coveted treasures, buried within. I hold these private truths close to my heart. I honor my wisdom and know it is always available to me. I am a lucid embodiment of infinite intelligence.

Tap into the wisdom within and direct all of your actions through its understanding. Channel your wisdom—it is astutely accurate and serves your highest good.

๑ Enlightened Awareness

A new perspective is available to me, in each and every moment.

Each thought contains an opportunity to observe my awareness. I select the highest thought, in every moment.

I open each day with a new perspective and live in enlightened awareness.

There is no time like the present. Present reality is all there is.

๑ Reverence

I develop a quiet reverence for truth. I hold my authentic self in high regard. I honor and trust myself.

You exemplify a living embodiment of divine grace. Through pure awareness and reverence, you encourage calm in others.

Taken from Book Five, The Divine Truths, Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart, Christina Fisher, Copyright 2013

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