‘Lessons transferred from one person to another’

A few days ago I watched a video by Dr. Ibrahim El Fiky, unknown to me at the time even though he is well known for his human development books and institutions.

In the video he talked about his experience with medical doctors, life and death. Six years before the video was recorded he got an extreme painful headache which was finally diagnosed as a cavernous hemangioma in his head. While in the hospital, a child about 7 years old came over and talked to him. The boy told him he must accept the gift from God. The child also told him he has brain cancer and he might not live long but he was born to write a book to help children who are battling with cancer. The boy did pass away the next day yet his book was translated to 32 languages and sold millions of copies. The child’s words affected him and he felt like it was a message for him. The doctors told him his death was imminent. The pain was so unbearable he prayed to God to just take his life for he accepted his condition. In a short while, his condition became stable to the amazement of the doctors. He wrote about the experience in a book and enhanced his work to contain more spirituality in its content. (Video it is in Arabic).

I decided to watch more of his videos and to me he seemed like he is still alive but today I found out that he has passed away last year not from his condition but due to a fire accident, the building he lived in burned down. Just like that child in the hospital through his work he is alive, the knowledge and lessons God gave him transferred from one person to another. May God have mercy on his soul.  Books in different languages.

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