Being drawn in by the sweet nectar of Divine bliss

Luminous knowledge calling out to be pursued

The self thirsty, eyeing the overflowing dazzling cup

Guided to pastures with boundless horizons, ecstatic

Drinking from the cup of true existence, the being liberated

A shift to exploring within, a vast universe, purifying, whole

Seamless Love is the vital nourishing elixir, healing all wounds in its path

Light courses through the vessels of form, releasing, intensifying awareness

Responding, evolving to life’s changes with grace and independence

Restless still, wondering about the reason the self is passing in this direction

The self is pacified as the journey has not yet ended, this is but a transitory rest

Taking in the fluidity of the oil colors in life’s canvas, in motion to the self’s touch

Thankful to be able to witness it and eager to carry on towards the destination

by Zee


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