The secret of the heart

‎”The heart is the secret inside the secret.”

“Find the sweetness in your own heart that you may find the sweetness in every heart.”

“What is the heart?
It is not human and it is not imaginary.
I call it You.”

“The heart has its own language.
The heart knows a hundred thousand
ways to speak.”

“Be watchful — the grace of God appears suddenly,
It comes without warning to an open heart.”

“As you live deeper in the heart,
the mirror gets cleaner and cleaner.”

“When the heart becomes whole, it will know the flavors of falsehood and truth.”

“When the lightning of LOVE for the Beloved
Falls from heaven and strikes this heart
Know that love is also firing that heart,
And when the love for Him brims over in your heart,
Know that love for you is also brimming in His.
Can the sound of clapping come only from one hand?
When a thirsty man moans, “O water, O delicious water!”
This thirst that is in all our souls
Is the Water drawing us always to It.
We belong to It, and It belongs to us.”

All by Rumi


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