Harmony of self

Living within the matter of the body, in the vast space of the universe

That is only part of the whole, a piece of a glorious creation

The self tied to every aspect of it, a vortex of flowing energy

If the self escapes to the world of illusion, it is running from itself

Within lies all answers, within the gift from the One resonates with all

All that is needed is the Light, to lift the fog that surrounds the “I”

A built-in blueprint from the All-Merciful, opening doors to witness Truth

The self on a journey of purification, aligns with what it is meant to be

Unity of self, synchronization down to the smallest particle

A voyage for the determined by faith, blessings are Given to those who are grateful

Ascension for the ones who use wisely, always Guided by the Ultimate Trustee

by Zee


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