In a topsy-turvy game there is only the Loving Kidness

It is a topsy-turvy game , and a formidable move by the Queen; do not try to escape by cunning: it is all a matter of Divine favor and fortune.

Do not weave threads in vain imagination and cunning; for the Self-sufficient One does not give way to the contriver.

Contrive in the way of following the guidance of one who serves God well..

Contrive that you may be delivered from your own contrivance; contrive that you may become detached from envy…

Play for love!

Renounce power, and adopt piteous supplication: the Divine mercy comes toward piteous supplication.
The piteous supplication of one who is sorely distressed and thirsty is real…

Lift up in prayer a broken hand: the loving kindness of God flies toward the broken.

When your contrivance is annihilated in the contrivance of the Lord, you will open a most marvelous hiding place,

In this hiding place the least treasure is everlasting life, occupied in ascending and mounting higher.

by Rumi (Vol. 5, 467-497)


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