‘Transcends direction’

“Since the true object of the soul has been hidden, everyone has turned his face to a different direction.

Like divers under the depth of the sea water, every one picks up something in haste:

In hope of getting precious jewels and pearls, they fill their bags with that and this;

When they come up from the floor of the deep sea, the possessor of the great pearls is discovered,

And, also, the other, who got the small pearls, and the other, who got only pebbles and worthless shells…

Your profits have become a loss and a penalty: you complain bitterly to God of your blindness.

How excellent are the spirits of sisters and brothers who are trustworthy, self-surrendering, believing, obeying!

Every one else has turned their faces in some direction, but those holy ones have turned towards that which transcends direction.”

Rumi (Vol. 5, 328-350)


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