Praise to the One

Praise belongs to the One

The First, the Last, the Guide, the Ultimate Trustee

Whom do we have except your Exalted Self

Your blessings and favors cannot be counted for you are the Provider

Surround us with your Mercy and Compassion for you are the Most-Merciful and the Most-compassionate

Let our hearts shine with the strength of your Light and Love

Illuminate us from the shadows that are not to the benefit of our well being

Raise us to be of the closest companions

You are the Loving One, there for us in our time of need and our joyous times, near at all times

The All-Aware, grant us the faithful balance

Give us patience and serenity for Your mention gives bliss and peace to the heart oh Patient One

Take our hand in every manner for you are the All- Knowing, the Wise, the Truth

Praise be to the Lord of the heavens, the Earth and of all

Accept our calling even if your Greatness surpasses any of our praise

by Zee


6 thoughts on “Praise to the One

  1. Dear Zee, I love your ZeeThoughts and also your design and serene space. Can I please use your poetry at my website for the Ramadan blog that I am starting? Also, I would really like to know what widget you are using for the Quran Ayat and Quotes. I tried to download one but it gave me an update warning. Ramadan Kareem!

    1. Thanks again Nina! Sure use them, baraka’Allahu feekeh ๐Ÿ™‚

      In the appearance section, the widgets there is a “text” one, this is the one I am using. Ramadan mubarak and kareem to you too!

      1. Dear Zee, thank you for your prompt response! I found a widget on the plugins at wp with Ayat a day but it doesn’t have the Arabic like you have. Do you manually enter the text each day and if so, where do you get this translation and text?

        You can view what I have done at:

        Your comments and feedback would be really appreciated. I am going to add you to my blogroll.

        Warmest greetings!

      2. Salaam

        Yes I enter the text myself. I usually search for the ayat I want from any Qur’an site, not one in particular.

        You can put
        text to separate the text and text to make the text bigger


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