‘Living as a witness’

The outward world is merely an outward expression in society of each individual’s inner state. One sees that while one is identified with the false selves, one is bringing about all the things that the false selves say they do not want. They want pleasure and comfort but they are do­ing everything possible to bring about conflict. They want attention but they do everything pos­sible to cause one to be ignored. So as one observes this, one has a complete change in values. We will not start to work on the values yet. I is merely observing the action of the self; all the many false selves, all the bits of conditioning. One is observing personality. As one observes this, this personality becomes rather passive. It is an object being ob­served. It is a thing that is being observed, much as one would look through a microscope to ob­serve bacteria on a slide. It is purely an object or a thing.

Now, this is the beginning of awareness of self. The beginning of self-awareness is the be­ginning of objective-awareness. Now all of our lives we have been unconsciously subject to whatever was going on. We saw it as self. I was the subject and how did this affect me?…

I observes the false selves serving an illusion…that instead of experiencing everyday existence and living, and instead of experiencing a more conscious state of being each and everyone is try­ing to serve an ideal of being nondisturbed, of gaining pleasure, gaining attention, approval and importance, being very upset if ignored or re­jected, or having any pain, or being disapproved of, or finding it impossible to get everyone to do what they want them to when they want them to…

Unless we can overcome our slavery to those urges that cause us to flee all immediate discomfort and difficulty, unless we can embrace the Truth as it is in the moment, we will forever be caught in the inner conflict between illusory expectation and reality. Only to the extent that we can disengage from our false selves that make their own demands for control and specific conditions can we enter the real world of luminous grace and mercy.

by Kabir Helminski


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