The Ultimate Trustee


The most common trust exercises is trust fall; it is when they ask one person to fall backwards and the other to catch him/her (or more than one person). In that exercise there is this gap before the other person is caught that I think is interesting, not only there is trust the other person will catch you but that gap represents that you are not held by your own self and not yet by the other person. I compared that gap to Trusting in the One, visibly it seems like there is nothing holding you yet it is there, Guiding, Assisting, Carrying, Helping, etc. there is also acceptance, patience and minimal to no worry, the fall does not carry the same meaning anymore because whatever happens you will be held and stand again. The ones who experienced it know it by their hearts, their minds and can visibly notice its apparent manifestation whether during a fall or any other event in life.


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