Reflection is the domain of a mind at rest, it requires stillness and an outer fortification against worldly din, media, worries, anxieties, interruptions, distractions – a temporary quelling of the desire to pronounce our opinions – a silencing of our inner fountain of preset habits, thoughts, assumptions, suppositions, attitudes, inferences, conjectures, and interpretations. With a brief respite from the noise and unceasing demands of daily life and our own mental habits and compulsions, the possibility of turning inward, of reaching beyond the surface and contemplating the inner kernel of a matter grows.

What is reflection except a rotation of focus towards interior constellations, the apperception of patterns through patient contemplation – allowing the mind the quiet, calm, concentration of its powers, opening degrees of depth – considering a matter in its many inter-related aspects, to recognize its relationship to surrounding events, to see the subtle connections which join and envelop all things but which escape our daily perception.



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