Sense of worth

Ғσcʋƨ ωιтнιи

Do you think I am worthy?

Do you accept me?

Do you approve of my work?

All these are forms of external validation, asking others for approval, acceptance and worth over who we are. Then we wonder why our self-esteem and self-concept are low. We enter a loop of searching externally for that approval and when we don’t get it then it feeds again our low self-esteem. We frustrate ourselves trying to find ways to attain this validation sinking lower in unhappiness and a sense of dissatisfaction.

Self-worth comes from within, the belief in oneself

Motivation comes from within

Satisfaction comes from within

For all this to start the change has to come from within

You see yourself as worthy

You see yourself as competent

You see yourself as important

This causes one to act on it, to build skills, to be confident, to express oneself and be intrinsically motivated.


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