Ever thought about the things/people you are attached to? You nurture and take care of them. You feel the connection is so strong that when it ends, as all things do, there is a great loss and disappointment. All the while before the end there is this fear of the loss which affects the enjoyment of what you have. The fear of the loss makes you think that it is not possible to live without this attachment. After the loss an amount of suffering occurs, a struggle of acceptance of it.

Is it possible to go beyond all the fear and loss? Maybe not in every way but it is possible to lessen it by accepting that all things end and not to get to attached to things for we really don’t own anything in the larger sense it all came to us. Then when we have them we can really enjoy what we have rather than worrying and suffering after the loss. Indeed, letting go of things does not make you lose these things rather value them for what they are for the time they are with you.

There is a sense of inner peace that comes from this thought. All these years we collect things and meet people, they pass our way and what we do with them is the important thing for this is where the real meaning is found.


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