Almost lost

When I was about 8 my late father took me for an outing and bought me the pendant above. I have had this for more than two decades now but recently I almost lost it. The incredible thing is how the pendant came back to me without my effort.

The pendant was with my mother and she didn’t know it is a gift from my father and I also haven’t worn it in a very long time. On the day I suddenly got the feeling I just needed to go for an outing so I asked my sister if she wishes to come with me she said yes but that we have to pass by the gold shop to exchange some things. In the shop I spotted my pendant! OMG! What is it doing there?! I snatched it away, “not this” I said with a frown. I was able to save my pendant which even though doesn’t really value much materialistically but has a priceless emotional value.

If I hadn’t suggested that my sister come with me or if she had went on her own my pendant would have been lost but thank God it returned to me. Sometimes things happen without our knowledge but are in our own interests.


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