The other day I got one of my prayers answered that I have been asking for a long time…years, I forgot how many. I was enveloped by a very peculiar feeling of tranquility and understanding. It is so like a human being to ask for things he/she desires and expect them to come true (sooner rather than later of course) and gets all huffy when he/she can’t receive it as quickly as possible to the degree of just giving up on the issue. Through this I was again reminded of the importance of patience and why it is so highly valued and rewarded. Patience is an amazing form of self-control, of going against some of the baser instincts and nature of what differentiate a mature human from others. We don’t always get what we want but many times we do get them at a later time due to reasons that are unknown to us. This reminds me of the story between Al Khider (as) and Musa (as). Patience is the perfect  tool that helps us through the hard times until we are able to either understand the reasons of some actions or reach the things we want.

Al Hamdulilah (Praise be to Allah) for everything


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