I would never have thought this word would apply more to a bird than to a human but I doubt I have ever met or will ever meet anyone as persistent as my parrot (Koki). We usually move her from the kitchen to the bedroom to be with my brother around noon everyday but my mom recently objected to this and wanted us to put her in the living room. So about 6 days ago we started putting her in the living room around noon but she refused to sit there and constantly indicated she wants to go to the bedroom (by making a forward and back movement in the direction of the bedroom) and even said “take her to the bedroom” as we used to say. I tried to explain to her that my mom wants her to be in the living room (yes I talk to my parrot :P) but for the past six days when we put her in the living room she insists in going to the bedroom for hours with every kind of sound or word she knows. It is amazing how she demands to be taken there and hasn’t shown any sort sign to end her persistence.

Update: And she is still going….


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