Growing out a of a phase

I have done numerous personality tests and I seem to be mainly classified as a “dreamer”. The funny thing about one aspect of my personality is that I dislike stereotypes yet it is inevitable not to be put in some type of box or classification. I don’t disagree with the label per say but I think we are all dreamers at a certain age especially between our teen and early twenties phase. Of course each person is different in that respect but at that age most of us have these goals we want to achieve. Yet, as one grows further these same goals start to refine themselves becoming more grounded and in some cases limited or completely forgotten. I’m not sure if it is the age or some kind of chemical change in the brain but the outlook at life simply changes. As a “dreamer” my goals are becoming less idealistic in nature and more realistic and a few years ago I would have resented such a change yet now it just seems a natural thing to be happening.

Life is peculiar that way for nothing is set in stone when it comes to human nature…


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