Mind-Body schism

The mind is a fascinating organ. I wonder how something that is part of me can be so elusive at the same time. One of the most important properties of the brain is its ability to adapt to conditions but if it is gets accustomed to a certain environment it takes a while to adjust to change. Of course this is dependent on the person in question.

I’m by nature a planner. I plan things in advance. This appeals to me very much since I like structure and to know what is going to happen before hand. I don’t mean future telling or anything like that but to have a sense of what is going to happen based on what you previously decided. My mind seems to live before hand in the moment before it happens based on the plan decided. The problem occurs when that plan doesn’t get executed for some reason or another. For example: you are set up to do something on a particular day and you are prepared for it but that couldn’t happen. When the day comes your brain is still in that zone where it thinks it should carry out the plan even though that is not going to happen. So you feel that your body is somewhere but your mind is not there with you rather where it thought it is supposed to be. It is a very odd feeling, like a schism between the body and mind. As if each one is living in a different time frame or dimension.

As I said before the mind adapts to the change but it would be confused for a while. 😀 I think maybe non-planners don’t experience something like this or maybe they do on another level…


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