Going down memory lane

There is something odd about Eid when it comes to children. The concept itself changes as you grow older from not being able to wait until it comes in order to go amusement parks to play, buy fireworks, buy new clothes and take a ‘eediyeh (a small amount from your parents and relatives) to fading away even though you still appreciate the day and the meaning of it. Yet, whenever I hear a referral to these things by children I get a flood of memories to back when I was a kid and the fun I used to have.

Yesterday, my family and I went out to eat as we usually do in every Eid. After dinner we went to get some ice-cream beside the university I graduated from. As I looked at the clock tower of the university from the sidewalk across the street I again experienced a long range of memories and feelings. I remembered how while I was walking from home to reach the campus that I would feel anxious until I reached it inwhich a feeling of safety would engulf me. The various amount of courses and professors I had, the walks around the campus admiring the trees and the flowers, the friends and people I met while there, etc. I truly missed it in that moment even though on any day I wouldn’t think about it twice.

I carried my ice-cream and returned to the car and the spell ended waiting for another Eid I guess…


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