Nothing seems new anymore

This idea just popped into my head yesterday.  There is little in today’s world that I would consider original. Most things are a remake of something already done in the past. It is as if there is a lack of inventive thought. Even though I believe we can’t be 100% original as in create something out of nothing but I mean even to us humans things seem lacking creativity.

It could be not true and just a feeling of mine but if I read something I feel I have read it before, if I watch a movie I can predict the ending because it is has been done a million times before, the news is in continuous repetition, conversations with others is like the same never ending record, fashion etc. the only thing that caused a light to spark in my eyes and it really felt like a breath of fresh air was when I was watching a program about nature. It is kind of funny because trees, lakes, islands, etc.  are nothing  new yet it felt so. There is something regenerative about nature that never seems to be the same even if you have seen it too many times to count. This is part of the makeup of nature and how The Creator meant it to be for humans to appreciate over generations and never get bored (well if we took care of it which we seem to be failing to do).


2 thoughts on “Nothing seems new anymore

  1. a salaamu aleikum, Zee. As I reach middle age I can’t help but to notice so many things that are repeated. I talk to my kids and for a minute I think it’s my mom talking so even I am a repeat!

    What I appreciate about your post is that even though we are surrounded by so many things that seem new to some but are clearly not new at all, you reminded me of how unique nature is for when I experience it – I feel something different each time. Each time I hear Allah calling me closer to him.

    1. Wasalaamu alikum Kadi,

      Thank you so much, someone understands! 🙂 It is a very peculiar feeling when you notice it, it seems like deja vu. Indeed, I get the same feeling from nature.

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