Thoughts affecting behavior

I was thinking today how a person is capable of sabotaging his/her dreams and plans by being a defeatist. If for example you are looking for a job and all the time thinking “they will not accept me”, “what do I have to offer?”, “what if I can’t do the job?”, etc. then when you go to the interview you will exhibit behaviors that are manifestations of these thoughts actually leading to a self-fulfilled prophecy and what you fear really happens. There are many other examples like thinking you will not pass the exam and your mind completely shuts down when you are doing it leading you to fail even though you might not have if you are not worried or paralyzed by not wanting to fail.

You sometimes notice self-confident or charismatic people get so many things to go their way not because they have some type of special powers that you lack but the attitude of a person and their thoughts does affect their behavior of how they say things or how they act. This doesn’t mean that it is possible to stop worrying or have a positive attitude all the time but be aware of your thoughts and that they affect how you see things and your behavior.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts affecting behavior

  1. That’s really true. Although we can’t stay positive 24/7 we should generally try to be more optimistic and play out the future positively in our head.

    1. Salaam,

      How are you sis Alisha?! Long time no speak, hope you are well insha’Allah.

      I agree and it has many postive effects. 🙂

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