How to become a Zombie

What is left for us people in order to carry on living?

If you think about it, nothing really because the more advanced we become the more we destroy ourselves even in the simplest way possible.

What does a human need to live and carry on with life?

Food for the body, the brain, and the spirit

What has been done to the food?

It is hard to find food today that is not contaminated one way or another: whether with vegetables, grains and fruits full of pesticides, water that has chemical wastes, fish that feed on garbage and toxic waste dumped into the water by none other than first world countries, cows with a mad disease and chickens with flu, and other livestock crammed on top of each other pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. There is barely anything good to eat left and if you find some it will be way too expensive for most people of the world to buy it.

Food for the brain is lacking these days with what they try to fill the minds of mass populations. Go to your cable TV and count how many channels are really useful of the hundreds there. How much time people waste watching things that really don’t offer anything to the mind and makes neurons die by the second of boredom.

And even the food for the spirit in faith has been targeted. If you are a religious person you are made fun of no matter your religion and called a fanatic.

So really what is left? The air?

That is even polluted!

By our hands we have become zombies because we have diseased bodies and empty brains and spirits.

Change is not a choice anymore but a must.

Just something to think about.


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