Some things don’t change

When I was about 8 I went to live in my village for about a year and a half. There I noticed there are some social edicts that differ from the ones I’m used to in the city. As I visited my village sparingly across the years these social behaviors remained unchanged even though the external view of the village changed, it even grew to be a town.

One of these behaviors that always stood out and was clear to any observer was how young men and women met within the limits of the social atmosphere and the norms present. In the city young people usually go to a café or the movies but in a village there is no such thing so instead you see separate groups of women and men just standing in the streets with little interaction or strolling in the main street of the village up and down all afternoon. Some might find this odd but people got married that way where a young man would tell his family about a girl he saw and the usual family meetings go on from there.

I was reminded of this phenomenon the other day when I went to an exhibition in the suburbs where most people who come from villages live and I saw the same behavior still exists. People still strolling in the streets and my siblings and I were stuck behind these two girls walking ever so slowly on the sidewalk that we had to circumvent. Even though there are movie theaters and cafes but some things are carried from the previous places because they are not about the location rather an embedded norm.


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