You like to work?

I was asked that yesterday about washing dishes. Why would anyone ask that? Apparently if you do something well and don’t leave smelly dishes behind that means you like to wash dishes. I don’t like to do them but I get even more annoyed if I washed something and it is still not clean enough so I make sure they are clean the first time. So, I answered not really there are things one has to do but doesn’t mean they like to do them.

In general, I like to be productive and to do something that has meaning and provides a positive effect. Yet, not all the things we have to do we actually like that doesn’t mean we have to do them unwell.


7 thoughts on “You like to work?

  1. Very true, sis, I agree.

    “Yet, not all the things we have to do we actually like that doesn’t mean we have to do them unwell.”
    When it comes to school work, alhamdullilah I manage to do quite well in all my classes. Some of which I don’t like, such as math, or physics. People would ask me ‘why don’t you like them, you get good marks?!’ It’s just like you said, just because you don’t do a bad job, doesn’t mean you enjoy it.

    Just to add- I love doing the dishes. 😀

    1. I manage to do quite well in all my classes

      Alhamdulilah, good for you sis! 😀

      What! *cry* you like washing dishes?!

      You are lucky 😆

  2. I actually rarely ever washed the dishes at home, I had other chores to do. But now, i’m an expert, hahaha. :’D

    My boss is telling me to take it easier on washing the dishes, she said I don’t have to be THAT good and perfect in it. I said “Oh..OK!” but was thinking “WTF!?” ’cause really, either you wash the dishes properly or not at all. She probably meant so that I can be faster – but I am fast enough, she also said, so I just think she doesn’t bother loosing time on dishes.

    Once she picked some plates from the dishwasher that still weren’t clean enough and told me “This is why one must clean them a bit before putting them to the dishwasher, ’cause it’s so old it doesn’t clean properly” and I just nodded. I don’t think it was my place to remind her those were the dishes SHE had put in. *shakes head and sighs*

    1. Yeah dishes should be very clean especially in a cafes or restaurants, you don’t want an upset customer lol :X

      Haha, the boss is always right 😛

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