Starting a trend

Well at least on a small scale like when school kids makeup a new word and assume it is means something cool and start using it. Do you think many slang words started that way? Hmm…

Anyhow, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to start one with brown sugar. I usually keep my stash of baking ingredients in the cupboard 😛 to avoid someone digging in them (my brother has found my dark chocolate and is using him in his hot chocolate! After my outburst he went and brought me some very nice bars :D) but my sister was annoyed by the clutter (none that I saw) and told me to put the brown sugar in one of the empty jars on the kitchen counter beside the flour and white sugar and then it started.

I don’t take sugar with tea or any hot drink except coffee and hot chocolate they are too bitter otherwise. I have tasted coffee with light brown sugar and I liked it so I started using it in the morning. Once one of my family members saw me using it and one thing led to the next I noticed the jar was emptying rather quickly (odd I thought where did it all go?). I found out when I saw one of them using it and now it is their favorite thing to use that’s why am always out of light brown sugar. Yet, my dark brown sugar is safe in the cupboard until today when I was using it to make a caramel bread pudding and I wanted to put it away when I saw little dried rose buds in it (what the heck is that?!) then I noticed my mother is cleaning some herbs and spices that she puts in food. I know dark brown sugar doesn’t look yummy but “mom this is not trash” :S and the answer was “oh I thought it was” O_o


4 thoughts on “Starting a trend

  1. Hmm, using brown sugar in the place of regular sugar- I’d never thought of that before! Interesting!

    But when you think about it- why? How different are brown sugar and white sugar, really? Do they taste significantly different? Where does brown sugar come from anyway?

    Next time I’m trying my tea with brown sugar inshaAllah! 😀

    1. Yes brown sugar contains molasses, not sure if you call it dibis like us here. Of course dark brown sugar has more molasses than light brown sugar so try the light. It adds a distinct flavor like when you add honey but of course it is a different one. It is unlike regular sugar that just sweetens it.

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