Breaking point

I watched today the movie Dolores Claiborne, very nice movie sad indeed but it has many interesting meanings. Dolores is a very tough woman and can handle whatever life dishes at her and sad to say her life was far from perfect. She had a verbal and physically abusive husband but she was so tough that when he dared to hit her she defended herself and threatened one of them would die if he did it again and she told him he can verbally abuse her as much as he wanted but no hitting. Yet, her weak point was her daughter. She lived for her and when the father hurt the daughter by sexually abusing her and taking Dolores’s money that she kept for her daughter’s school education she breaks down and cries, for the first time you see her limit.

I was thinking what my breaking point is for I’m not as tough as Dolores. I can’t stand emotional pain and oddly don’t mind physical pain (don’t misunderstand I mean being hit of course not! I mean sickness or an accident, etc.). The latter fades away and is just remembered as a memory but emotional pain is carried with you for life. Some people deal with it properly and others don’t in which it shows in negative behaviors such as drinking, taking drugs, deviant actions, etc. I even get affected when others suffer emotional pain.

When you know your weakness it gives you a better outlook on how you can deal with it and any obstacle that comes your way.


2 thoughts on “Breaking point

  1. Ah, touchy subject (for me). I read this a while ago but didn’t know how to respond, ’cause it just got me into deep thinking. That kind of uncomfortable deep thinking, horrible scenarios in my head haunted me a lil while (astagfirullah). Not like I don’t think of it ever, I think of it often to remind myself to be careful and appreciate what I have. I wouldn’t deal well with my breaking point(s). Not well at all. *sigh* Not well at all..

    Some physical pain leave emotional scars too. I mean for example, astagfirullah, rape.

    1. I imagine it is a touchy subject for everyone or at least many. It is not easy dealing with this aspect of our weakness. When I look back how I evolved at dealing with it some were downright stupid and others made things worse. It took me a while to find a point where I can move on after BP but alhamdulilah even though painful memories remain what gives me relief is that I have overcome many of them. Insha’Allah sis you will find a way to surpass it without having to experience it.

      “Some physical pain leave emotional scars too. I mean for example, astagfirullah, rape.”

      True that is why I made a clarifying comment for hitting also leaves emotional scars.

      Thanks dear for commenting ❤

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