Valuing life

A dog’s face is shown (cute dog I think)
It looks up to the flying birds (beautiful birds I think)
Then a shot rings out and the dog rushes to find something
A logo of a gun store is shown written above it: Back To Fun

The above was the most insensitive TV commercial I ever saw.

We must value life and I just don’t mean human life but also any living thing. We may consider other living creatures as lesser beings in some way for some of them are eaten, while others are displayed in zoos to be “appreciated”, and others squashed or exterminated but there is a level where human behavior towards these creatures is just plain cruel. One of these manifestations is hunting for fun. I’m not sure what mind equates fun with killing even if it is just a deer, a wolf, a fox, or a bird. These are living things that inhabit this Earth with us and contribute to it in a positive way while we destroy it and them at the same time. It pisses me off that someone thinks they exist so when he is bored he can shoot a hole in them and put them on display above the fireplace!


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