Being watched

No, I don’t mean the spying thing or a pervert stalker 😛 rather the old fashioned being watched by others when you are doing something. For some reason when I feel someone is watching me do something, my brain goes to over drive and my temper flares. I just can’t stand it. It is like they are judging me, criticizing me, looking for a mistake…just drives me nuts. When I’m doing anything I prefer to be alone just for that reason. I remember in school or university when the teacher comes to look over my head when doing class work or a test I would just stop writing until he/she moves away.

This reminded me of a prank I pulled on one of the students in my practice teaching class. Wonderful bright kid, he was mature for his 5th grade class, constantly sarcastic. Most the other students didn’t get what he said but knew he was making fun of them. I told him to stop belittling others but he didn’t heed. So once while he was doing a quiz, I went over to his desk and looked over his shoulder so he looked at me to see a quizzical eyebrow over what he was writing as if it was wrong. He got all worried and started asking me what was wrong. I couldn’t let him suffer for long so I told him I was just kidding and he was doing ok and explained why I did it. After that his sarcastic comments were toned down.

I have to admit watching does work sometimes but I still don’t like it :X


4 thoughts on “Being watched

  1. Those manga eyes lured me to believe you’ve started your own manga drawing! 😛

    I get what you mean, it does get annoying, especially if one is nervous enough already.
    Some people just don’t like it, that’s normal.
    I am not too bothered really, but sometimes yes.

    Worst kind are teachers who look for a while and say nothing and move away. I mean, check and inspect a looong while, not the normal tempo. No emotions, no words, no nothin’. Except a teacher way too close to you. x__x

    That was a good prank! 😀 Hehe.

  2. Though I’m good at drawing and enjoy it as a hobby I need time and stress free environment to focus. The environment doesn’t exist at the time. I must say manga are very interesting. 😀

    Yeah I guess it depends on the type of person you are.

    Or maybe it has to do with me not likening anybody around when I’m trying to focus. My brother drove me crazy today going around me in semi-circles above my head trying to find something while I was trying to read some articles. :X

    Hehe 😀

    1. I see!! *excited* You must show some of your drawings!
      I love drawing, any form really, I’m just currently stuck in drawing manga as I feel a huge need to become really good at it. But for example I used to love drawing flowers and animals.
      Before I start drawing, I need to feel “at peace” too, haha. It really depends when i get my “inspiration boost”.

      Hahaha, then it’s probably you. :’D

      1. Haha, oh gosh now I need to locate my drawings :X

        In school I used to draw plants we had at home without being told by the teacher. When he saw them he would have one eye brow raised meaning I didn’t tell you to draw that but he would say not bad. I draw in small slashes so it doesn’t have a one continuous outline but an illusion of it. It is not easy to draw manga I suppose because they have these specific outlines.

        Thanks dear 😀 somes it can be found by looking at a certain structure, nature view, or just being alone in a room.

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