Grumbles…stupid cheese!

The other day I did some muffins with ricotta cheese, awesome! I’ll put the recipe later on silver desserts but I was left with some cheese. Today I looked over many recipes to use with the leftovers and found one that is so delicious, you know when you read it you say: That’s the one! And imagine yourself eating it, yum yum. I wrote the recipe and got the ingredients and reached for the ricotta only to find it has gone bad! Come on! You stupid cheese! Forlorn I go to the trash to throw it away. 😥


I’m not one to give up! So today I made the recipe with some changes and it turned out great! Instead of ricotta I used cheddar cheese so easy on the salt and used dill instead of chives. The result:


2 thoughts on “Grumbles…stupid cheese!

  1. Oh mashaAllah, that looks so interesting and delicious!

    Improvising with the ingredients you have is one of the ways the greatest recipes are invented. Only if you have good taste though, which you most definitely do. 😀

    1. Thanks habibteh, alhamdulilah it was delicious. You are right, replacing ingredients doesn’t always work. Still want to taste it with ricotta insha’Allah. 😀

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