When you go to visit someone don’t you call them up first: to see if they are home, to tell them you are coming, or to ask if they have any plans? Well people with normal social edicts do and in general relatives are excluded from it at least in my part of the world where there is a tight knit between families.

Our house for some reason these past two days has attracted people who don’t follow this social norm. Yesterday our house was under attack by these people who insistently rung the door bell and almost broke the door until they were answered. Above it all, I was sleeping soundly to be woken up by the banging. Where is my sister I thought didn’t she hear the racket?! And they kept banging again and again! I got up and looked for my sister only to find her in the other bedroom. “Someone is knocking at the door!” so she answered: “Oh I thought I heard something”, you don’t say! I go back grumpily to continue my sleep but after the annoyance what shut eye can one get. For the rest of the day and the next one they kept coming and coming! 😡

Is it rude to ask people to call first? Please call first. 😕


7 thoughts on “Relentless!

  1. I totally get you, It is indeed very rude, i find it so annoying!

    Its like you have this rush attack, with picking things up around the room and then making sure you look presentable and there’s no smelly socks lying about.

    OK, cross out the last bit.

    And people who knock and knock and knock like no tomorrow. They wanna break down your door.

    And people who ring on the weekends and say ill pop round next week, but don’t specify which day. A week consists of 7 days sweetheart.

    I always say to my mum that we should ring before we go, its weird cos u can just walk in on someone having dinner or family time round the table [does that even exist now?] or er something.

    *Shuts up & hits submit*

    1. 😆 It seems I’m not the only one who has suffered from such attacks.

      “there’s no smelly socks lying about”

      HAHA! That was the funniest bit! Ehm you know only men have that 😛

      “[does that even exist now?] ”

      It seems these days you have to exert an effort to have that :S

  2. “Yesterday our house was under attack by these people who insistently rung the door bell and almost broke the door until they were answered. ”
    Ohkaaaay. Some people don’t take a hint. That’s absolutely crazy!
    I’d not open and send a little letter down from the mailbox in the door in which it says “Screw you! Go away!” something like that. Haha, would be hilarious.

      1. So weird Zee! I mean, you’d NEVER catch that happen around here. Absolutely no way. That’s ’cause people would call the cops or the mentalhospital, hahaha.
        You know why I couldn’t take it? In my house, I am free to dress however I like and that’s basically my pyjamas (hahaha) and if someone would just come in without telling me first (or some familymember let some stranger/relative in without telling), I’d grill them for dinner. Relatives don’t think it’s bad but hey, no one is asking them. <__<

      2. Exactly, it is the same around here also, houses are private places when you come you need to tell people. I don’t recall people coming without calling only in exceptional instances where they would be passing by the house and they have no phone so they usually use the inter-building phone to ask if they can come up but these were so odd and won’t let up :S Though relatives sometimes come without calling since we have very close relations with relatives especially aunts and uncles and their children.

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