The adventures of Koki, the parrot-episode 2


Persistence is the name of the game

Koki doesn’t know the meaning of “to quit”. I doubt she even knows such a concept. When she puts her mind to something she will reach it even if it takes an hour, a day, or a week. Koki will get what she wants and she has methods to attain her object of desire, be it food, a lift, or an outing.

Koki gives two options, the easy way or the hard way, but there is no option out of giving her what she wants. First, being nice is the way to go sometimes with a soft whistle, a song using whistles, saying our names in an endearing way “Ya Ranaaaaa”, and acknowledging herself “ana Koki (I’m Koki)”. Yet, being a crafty bird she can be more sly by showing love to us by saying “shu bihibkun (how much I love you/plural) or “shu bihibek (how much I love you/singular) {these are taught by my sister who showers Koki with love only she uses them to her advantage!) and offering her head to be petted.

If all the niceness is not working what is a bird to do?! Come on, she tried everything from tricks to love so why isn’t anyone listening to her?! In her mind we unleashed what follows on ourselves and she is not to blame.

The shouting and annoying behavior begins! “YA RANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”, “YA ZEINAB!” “TA3I KHIDEEHA! (Come take her!)”. All the high pinched sounds that make our ears ring for a long period of time are said in a few minutes until she makes us mad enough to shout back at her “Shu badek?! (what do you want?!) so she proceeds: by making the sound of opening a juice bottle or says “tushrabi mayy? (drink water?)” to get juice or water, by going back and forth with her head in the direction she wants to go, or by going up and down while fluttering her wings indicating she wants us to get up and get her out of the cage. As you have guessed our compliance is the best way to keep her quiet!

After she gets want she wants we have to be careful because she might administer punishment, yes punishment! Depending if we did her bidding quickly enough we usually get a pinch (or should I say bite) from her beak if we are anywhere near her. The pinch differs in intensity with the level of crimes on our part.

Her wants have to be met or else! 😀

Next episode: Koki’s obsession with show boxes.


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