They say happiness is a state of mind

It comes from within

It is not acquired through collection of items

It is a state of satisfaction and acceptance of the past, present and the future

It is a state of tranquility and peacefulness

It is said if you surpass your fears and desires happiness is a stone’s throw away

Is it really just a state of mind?

So If I achieve the above then I have pursued happiness and reached it?

I‘m not a pessimist but I’m not the type of person to accept quotes and sayings that are supposed to be life changing. Books or shows that talk about helping  you change your life for the better have no interest to me not because I don’t believe in pursuing happiness but I wonder how other humans have come up with the recipe to it. Doctors, actors, and psychologists that talk endlessly about accepting loss and moving on, living each day on its own (etc.) and some people may find that helpful but I have very little faith in the ability of another human who just like me is limited in thought and knowledge no matter how many degrees he/she can lead me to this road.

HaveI reached it? No, I believe true happiness can’t be attained in this life because there are too many stresses, too many worries, and too many things to be done. Happiness may differ from one person to the next and mine is attaining peace of mind, for one moment not to worry about something, not to plan, and not to face hard things every minute. In this life we may be able to reach moments of happiness as we define it but not a life time of it. According to my belief, true happiness is only accomplished in the afterlife where the constant struggle of life is eliminated if the Mercy of our Creator encompasses us and we enter heaven.

I will not give up on trying to gain moments of happiness but I have no doubt that I will not have a life of it and I accept that heart and soul.


11 thoughts on “They say happiness is a state of mind

  1. I think happiness is contentment. When you’re content with what you have, no matter how much or how little, you will be happy.

    I also think there are moments when we are more aware of our happiness than others, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy during the rest of the time.

    But yeah I agree, pure and perfect happiness can never be achieved in this life- anything we think is happiness is a mere glimpse of what it really is.

  2. My comment got lost 😦
    i totally agree with you and Joud, we sometimes mistake happiness for wealth or worldly things looking at others who have more we think if we had that maybe we’d be very happy, but its about feeling peace in your heart and in ur mind. And sometimes happiness is knowing who you are.

    A lovely entry, something foe everyone to think about 🙂

  3. Joud:

    “pure and perfect happiness can never be achieved in this life- anything we think is happiness is a mere glimpse of what it really is.”

    Beautifully put sis, you captured the gist of it. 🙂

    Yes I agree we can achieve contentment alhamdulilah, I guess I was thinking in terms of a life time and an idealistic form of happiness.

    [[[ X SMILEY X ]]]:

    Ah sorry sis, I tend to copy my comments to word because I’ve had that happen to me before 😦

    There are so many people who mistake collecting items and wealth for achieving happiness, it is more a form of filling an emptiness with things, which doesn’t work.

    Jazakum Allah khier sisters, your comments made me feel better and added to the idea. 🙂

  4. Ah I thought it might be the culprit! Thanks for telling me.

    I copy and paste it, I like it that way makes it unique I guess that’s why you added them maybe. 😀

  5. Pursuing happiness…Something that everyone wants. Experts try to make us understand how you can achieve it.
    But is that the purpose of our lives? To achieve the ‘feeling’ of happiness?
    Personally I find tranquility within oneself far more important than happiness.
    I agree with you completely- happiness in the afterlife is what’s really important.

    1. For some, attaining happiness is the be all and end all whereas the purpose of our lives is something else. If I confused you with my above comment this is what I meant. 😀

      1. I understood sis Alisha 😀 it is logical to assume that a person who is sad, depressed or stressed will not be able to function properly in any endeavor. Allah SWT told us what our purpose in this life is to worship Him and as long as we strive in that path insha’Allah these negative feelings will not affect our lives.

        Subhana’Allah, really Jazakaum Allah sisters adding our thoughts is making the idea more clear. 😀

  6. MashaAllah, that was deep!! JazakiAllah kheyr!! InshaAlahy ou’re doin’ well sis, I’m doin good here elhamdulillah. Finland is just getting pretty cold, the flu is hiding everywhere. 😀

    Seems as if humans always are in search for something, be it happiness, or meaning of life, or that perfect Gucci pair of shoes to match the collection.. Haha, strike the last one. 😛

    I have never really doubted “true” happiness… I haven’t thought of it, never questioned my happy moments or weighed their truthfulness or completeness. I know what makes me really, really happy. And for that I’d give up my own life, so that is my happiness and for me, my meaning of life.

    I think happiness is difficult to distinquish from for example, tranquility with oneself or life in general.. I think it is a feeling to be mixed with other emotions. It doesn’t last long if you want to enjoy that emotion alone, but rather share it or insert it in other valuable emotions.. 😀

    1. Thanks sis wa’eyaki 😀 alhmadulilah you are good, I’m well. Brrrrrrrrr haha no we still have warm weather here, nice autumn weather. Hey by the way we don’t get any Albanian channels but it seems I have heard it before in the film called the inside man where there is a tape of a person speaking in Albanian. 😀 I would not be able to differentiate it from Russian.

      I think it is part of human nature to search for meaning of life and to feel positive feelings.

      “It doesn’t last long if you want to enjoy that emotion alone, but rather share it or insert it in other valuable emotions..”

      True, true it is more a general concept rather than just a single feeling.

      Baraka Allahu feeki

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