Eid outing

I haven’t had an outing with my whole family since the last eid al adha, so quite a while though I haven’t realized that much time has passed. I had this silly bubbly feeling, kept imagining myself hopping and twirling down the street! I didn’t do it, simply not that kind of person that’s why my mind does it for me 😆 My mind seems to have a personality of its own other than my behavioral actions.

We went to this restaurant that serves tex mex kind of food (basically close to Mexican), alhamdulilah it was yummy and quite spicy. I was glad that I wasn’t over stuffed with the food since I ordered whole wheat grilled chicken sandwich with avocado chucks in it with other vegetables but my brother wanted milkshakes and got us the large size ones. Who throws a milkshake?! So I had to down it all and ended up being stuffed :X When I got back home I realized what was bothering me when we were at the mall where the restaurant is, too many sounds! Gosh alhamdulilah for the peace and quiet at home.

Hope you had (will have) a wonderful eid day! 😀


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