Four in one!

Even though today was not very different than previous days I seem to have a craving to make food. I usually just make one thing every other day if I have time but today I did four! Well, some of them were quick but still I was surprised I found the time for them.

I made a tiramisu to prevent my brother from bringing ready made sweets. I do like the occasional bought dessert (saves time and effort) but really you don’t know what they put in them and most of the time they are not very tasty, they just look great. 😆

My sister told me yesterday that some of the avocados are too ripe so we need to make something with them. I looked up an avocado salad and made it. I’m glad my family liked lit, they ate it all.

The third thing I made was avocado juice, it is basically avocados mixed with honey and topped with thick cream, healthy and delicious (minus the cream of course 😀 )

And lastly, I did a lemon milkshake. I put a few teaspoons of lemon sorbet (The best! Lemony and bitter at the same time with zest in it) then added some liquid cream to it, yum yum!

Alhamdulilah, 4 scrumptious food items enjoyed in one day.


2 thoughts on “Four in one!

    1. It is very delicious and easy, puree avocado and add as much honey as need to sweeten it. I’ll add the recipe later insha’Allah.

      You’re welcome sis! Thanks for stopping by 😀

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