Wakeup call

What happened? Why was this issue overlooked? Is the gloom because of it? Is the gloom just a reaction and doesn’t have a good reason? These are thoughts that light up and pass through the dark clouds of thoughts that lead to anger and resentment. There was never a need for these negative thoughts that fester and fester until they drive one mad.

The wakeup call came late at night after watching an incident that happened to prophet Yusuf (as), in which he asked for aid of someone other than Allah SWT. He immediately realized his mistake. If you think about it for a moment if one knew that Allah SWT is going to save him/her even if after a while why would he/she ask for help from another lesser being, a mere creature? Why would a person get angry if the promise came after a period of time? Because we humans are sometimes so engrossed in our silly problems we drift away in a sea of muddled thoughts that have no beginning or end. It is not an issue of weak belief but rather forgetfulness.

How the heck did I reach here?! I asked. No, it is not too late I thought, tears running down my face, no it is not too late!

YA ALLAH please forgive me for my mistakes for I am from the mutawakileen and forgive all the Muslims and believers, ameen.


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