Rain oh cleansing rain

Autumn is here! Najla (Silver plume) the other day wrote a post how summer has ended and I commented that it is still hot over at my end but subhanaโ€™Allah that changed yesterday at night or I should say today because it was after midnight. All of a sudden my sister and I hear tinkling sounds over the AC, at first we thought someone threw something over it but then the familiar sound of rain came from outside. It was not a drop or two but a down pour after months of no rain. I ran to the dining room to see it and it was beautiful! I can really say I missed the rain! It was just like in winter an enormous amount of water coming down in about 15 minutes. An amazing glow surrounded the street lights due to the water falling on them, the individual rain drops made clear to the eye due to the lights and they were all falling in one direction because there was no wind like in winter, the flow of water down the incline of the streets and the feeling that comes over you that this rain is washing away something. It is washing away the dirt of summer but at the same time in this blessed month washing away the sins and mistakes. For those few minutes I was at peace since a very long time. In the morning the temperature has changed signaling the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, alhamdulilah.


3 thoughts on “Rain oh cleansing rain

  1. Ahh, such a beautiful image you painted with words!
    Rain is one of the most incredible things in the universe. SubhanAllah. I love it. Especially that first rain after summer.

  2. [[[ X SMILEY X ]]]: I never danced in the rain ๐Ÿ˜† indeed it is.

    Cool stuff over at that site.

    Joud: Thanks sis, that it is! subhana’Allah ๐Ÿ˜€

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