Sharing fabulous obsessions!


I have been awarded the freakin fabulous award twice by two dear sisters Digital Nomad of Digital Niqabi the ever thoughtful and wise blogger with her posts that make you think even if your melon is outdated and Joud of my orange musings who never fails to put a smile on my face with her posts that share her bright attitude. I should be the one awarding them but I got tagged instead!

Rules of the Award:

• List five current obsessions.
• Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
• On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
• When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.
• Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

Believe it or not I had to think a while to find my obsessions, sounds silly no? But then I think an obsession becomes part of us that sometimes we fail to notice we obsess about it, at least that happens to me. 😀

1. I’m obsessed with nature: If I’m blue just show me a beautiful flower, a meadow, or a sunset and I’m all well again. It is my weakness, for example if I’m passing by a place I have to look at the trees or plants present before I go. They simply make me happy. If you look at my photo blog it is full of flowers and plants I can’t help it!

2. I’m obsessed with lemon fresco: It is something like a slushie with lemon flavor. If it is summer and I’m out then I have to go and have some. There would be numerous flavors present that I have never tasted but I always go to the lemon. My sister makes fun of me about that: “choose another flavor!” I can’t it is an obsession 😛

3. I’m obsessed with knowing the time: There always has to be a clock somewhere around me to know the time. I go by it and plan my day (I’ll do this now and then after an hour this, etc.) If I ever go out without a watch I feel lost and missing a piece of me :/ I also like to collect watches. Some of the watches date back to when I was a very young teenager. Just bought one about a month ago, I still haven’t wore it lol maybe for Eid insha’Allah.

4. I’m obsessed with human nature: I love psychology or anything that tells me the inner working of the brain and about behavior. I keep looking into the matter until I find the reason and root behind it. The subject  fascinates me endlessly.

5. I’m obsessed with caricature: I’m not blessed with being able to do it but I think they are such an expressive form of art. You will see them on the blog every now and then though I use them very much on my other blog.

The five fabulous blogs!

1. Whimsies amazing photo blog of Umm Travis and her new camera 😛

2. You want to learn to cook? Step into Laila’s kitchen

These next two blogs their writers don’t know me much but I like their blogs!

3. [[[ x Smiley x ]]] of Sparkling smiles

4. hfm of Drinking raindrops

5. My last tag goes to a lost blog (due to hacking) I loved and followed for a while . I don’t know if she opened a new one because I can’t seem to find it , so this is to Roqaya of The Frustrated Arab’s diary.

10 thoughts on “Sharing fabulous obsessions!

  1. Umm Travis:

    Wa’iyaki habibteh! Oh yeah I know basboosa, sometimes the same sweet has different names in each country 😀 I need to look into that.


    You’re welcome! You too 😀

  2. jazakAllah for the award sis, that is so sweet of you 😀

    I’m also obsessed with knowing the time, i just have to have a clock in sight or else i think its the end of the world. When i went to Pakistan, nearly every clock in every room had dead batteries in it and i would find that soo annoying! Althu, whenever our head teacher saw us looking at the clock, she would always say to not let the clock rule our lives, and then she would hold out her wrist and say its been god-knows how many years i haven’t wore a watch, see.
    Strange, eh?

    1. You’re more than welcome 😀

      Partly she is correct because looking at the time sometimes leads to nervousness or spoils good times but nothing like it when executing plans khehehe…I mean good plans of course. 😛

  3. Thankyouu for the award!

    I’ll write a post tonight/tomorrow once I get my obsessions in order.

    And you’re a girl!? I always thought you were a guy,woops!

  4. Oh yay! You did it! haha @ “even if your melon is outdated.” That’s such a funny way of saying it! You’re priceless, sis, mashaAllah *hugs*

    You know what, I’ve got a time obsession, too. There was a time when I’d even shower with my watch on. If I leave the house without remembering to put my watch back on, I feel so strange, like something is missing. I’m not allowed to collect watches, because my parents know I’ll go crazy 😦

    I love love love the blogs you nominated–they’re always great for inspiration, and a kindly word. I also miss Roqaya’s blog 😦

    1. 😆 No I still haven’t took a watch to the shower yet though maybe I don’t need to because we already have one on the bathroom :X lol Awww no problem I’ll share mine with you 😀

      Thank you dear for your kind words *hugs*

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