Reminder for Ramadan iftars

by Mahmoud Al Hamazani
{ Iftar leftovers..!!} by Mahmoud Al Hamazani

These cats have their riziq of course but there are many people who canโ€™t afford a meal. One should either make as much as their family eats or share the food with their neighbors or poor people they know, share the rizq!


2 thoughts on “Reminder for Ramadan iftars

  1. :ooh: You know what is really annoying? We have community iftars here at many of the masjids. There is lots of food, mashaAllah, and when people come, they fill up their plates to the max. And then they throw most of it away. SubhanAllah…how can we do that, as people who have been hungry all day. That’s the whole point of fasting (well, one of the points): to appreciate the blessings of food! Is this throwing away of food appreciation?! It makes me so upset, I want to cry! And scream!


    1. Argh!!! They don’t seem to think about others when stuffing their plates. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Some people just get out of siyam being hungry all day and none of its meanings.

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