Tongue perspective

by Leigh Beisch
by Leigh Beisch

In our family we don’t usually add much salt to our food; if it weren’t for my mother’s love of salt it won’t even mention the word. I remember many times when I had to stop her from adding salt to her own dishes for health purposes. But without the tongue we wouldn’t know if something is salty or not. My tongue (T) had to quite a festive day and it is not the type to keep silent about its annoyance. The whole of Ramadan my mom has been forgetting to add any salt to the food but today she remembered. T got used to that and when I tasted the soup today it felt like someone pinched me! Taste is a powerful thing it seems.

Poor T had to also endure during Ramadan the salty water in our building because we haven’t been getting water from the government very much and we are using the well we have, so imagine making wudoo’ with sea water.

T protested and protested but it is ok now, I gave it the antidote, something sweet!


2 thoughts on “Tongue perspective

  1. Salaam 🙂 I’m not a fan of salt either…every time my mom is about to put salt in the food, I go all bug-eyed and say, “You’re putting THAT much?!” But alas, we must put some amount of it in our food, to bring out the flavor of the food…just not soooo much! 😀

    I can’t even imagine making wudu’ with salty water–my face puckers up just thinking about it. Mmmm, washing it away with some nice Lebanese baklava sounds divine, though *hugs*

    1. Wa’alykum asalaam 🙂

      Haha yeah I say that to my mom alot, ehm once I had to hide the salt shaker 😡

      I don’t remember what I ate but baklava (beklawa here) sounds nice! There is so many sweets during Ramadan I don’t think I have tasted beklawa yet :/


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