Which context?!

I woke up for fajer prayer today and I remembered that the phone I usually use to wake up with is empty (it even turned off on its own) so before I started prayer I said to myself charge it before you forget. Suddenly I get a thought “no don’t put it now because the other phone is in the socket do it after prayer” but I ignored that thought and went to my brothers’ room to put the phone in the socket there. When I came back and wanted to start prayer the phone in my room signaled it is charged! Had I listened to my other thought I wouldn’t have needed to put my phone with the alarm in the other room. This got me thinking about how an event can change its meaning depending on the context it is in. If I put my phone after the other one ended charging I could have set the alarm to wake up early but because I didn’t the alarm option is gone.

On a similar note, about two weeks ago I went shopping, one of the things I bought was a bit over my budget. Yesterday, I found a hidden tag on the clothes showing that the vendor sold me the shirt with more than twice its price! I go mad at myself for not noticing it earlier, now I used to think it is expensive but now the context changed and I got ripped off. :X

Don’t leave the context out of the event it is always an essential aspect.


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