Ramadan notes 2

-Alhamdulilah Ramadan is going well thought I feel it is going a bit fast, and insha’Allah all your work is being accepted.

I wanted to write today about people who find excuses not to do what Allah SWT Asked, for example not fasting with none of the reasons that are acceptable for not doing it. If a person doesn’t want to fast then it is his/her choice and Allah SWT will Judge them for it but it is another thing if they make excuses for not fasting and terrible ones at that like saying others are not or people who do bad things fast doesn’t mean they are good people or are better than the one who is not fasting. If one truly believes in Allah SWT then why will he/she not do what Allah said? Fasting is a pillar in Islam, it is one of the foundations yet this person saw fit to say he/she is a believer yet not fast. Allah SWT gave him/her all these blessings yet it was too much to fast?! You can’t take what you like from religion and leave the rest, it is a complete whole, and it is not an act of whim. If the person wants to act on the latter then don’t say you are a believer because that would not be completely true.

It bothers me when people find excuses for their bad behavior, they know it is wrong yet to make themselves feel better they come up with the most absurd reasons why they are doing it. Lol like today a woman said she smoked because it gave her spiritual guidance and made her head clear up; well if it clears your mind it is filling your lungs and body with toxins. Anyhow, if one wants to do something it is their choice but don’t give illogical justifications for it.

-Been a few days since I added the suggestions for iftar:

Chinese corn soup
Carrot soup
Lentil soup
Mushroom soup
Corn salad
Chicken in the oven with carrots and potatoes
Grilled meat with grilled onions and tomatoes
Spaghetti with Tai vegetables


2 thoughts on “Ramadan notes 2

  1. You know something, those “reasons” people have for not doing things, like “bad people pray, fast, and all that, and it doesn’t make them good human beings, so why bother?”, those people sound like rebellious teenagers. I don’t say that to be insulting, I say that because once, when I was a teen, I said something about “how come Allah let’s those people get away with lying, and stealing…so what if they pray?” My parents never let me get away with that “logic”, because they said, “At least those people, even though they are thieves and liars, they know better than to disobey Allah. They hurt Allah’s creation, but they’re clever enough to see to their own aakhirah!”

    It’s the easy way out–just like those who do bad yet pray, fast, etc. are picking and choosing what they want, so too are those who do good yet don’t pray, fast, etc. It’s weird that they would be adults and not see it.

    That example of the smoker–hilarious, yet sad!

    Hon, I’m not sure if I wished you Ramadan Mubarak here on your blog…the days are so ridiculously hot, I can’t remember what I’m doing and saying lately. So just in case I didn’t…Ramadan Mubarak! May the next 20 days be one of bliss and achievement for you and yours, ameen!

    1. Yes it is flawed logic, you are right it is like a rebellious teenager I remember I did something for the sort too and alhamdulilah we have great parents to set us straight!

      Habibteh *hugs* it doesn’t matter you said it to me elsewhere 😀 Ramadan mubarak to you too and ameen to the dua for both of us. Yup it is so hot! Where is autumn when you need it?

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