Forced to install an air conditioner!

We had workers come in to install an air conditioner in the kitchen. I know the kitchen! I find it silly but what is even more ridiculous is that it has become a necessity. My mom can’t stand anymore the heat in the kitchen while cooking and is getting short breathed. The problem started when four of our neighbors installed ACs below and above our kitchen window. We used to have great fresh breeze come from it but the compressors of the ACs only give dry and very hot air. Instead of having a normal 28 to 30 degree temperature in the very hot days of summer in the kitchen it has reached like 40 or more, it is unbearable! Even the poor fridge doesn’t work anymore. You can’t tell people where they can put their ACs in their homes and go into a legal battle over it, it seems to be cheaper just to buy one and do as they did.

I still find it unnecessary in normal conditions but these are no normal conditions! 😕

4 thoughts on “Forced to install an air conditioner!

  1. Whoa, my legal instincts (let’s just pretend I have already developed such, haha) immidietly screamed “SUE THEM!”

    But elhamdulillah, you did something about it. InshaAllah it’ll give you all more ease! 🙂

    1. Salaam,

      Wow subhana’Allah it is so uncanny when I think about you there you are! I was just about to visit your blog 🙂

      Ah a human is never satisfied lol now because we are fasting they are getting cold from the AC! It is a can’t live with it, can’t live without it situation. If we sue them you’re the first one I’d call to represents us! 😀

  2. Aleykum selam,

    SubhanAllah! I’m like Genie from the Dinsey movie Aladdin. 😀

    Geez, really? That’s so annoying, but can’t be helped though. Yeah, I’ll be a good choice hopefully. 😛 Haha!

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