Unique baby favors

When a relative of yours or a friend has a baby they usually give out these cute baby favors but that is not always the case. A few years ago my friend had her first child, when I went to visit her she brought this basket with small rectangular woven cloth and asked me to guess what it is. I was at loss and she laughed at my expense :/ And told me it isย  a cell phone holder! She and her mom made them then put the initials of the baby on them. The idea is to have a favor one can use again and again.

The favor below was given to my brother by a freind who got their first baby boy after two girls. The grandma (fatherโ€™s side) went the extra mile and got a gold platted turtle! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ah yes the little bundles of joy do deserve anything even very unique ideas.


4 thoughts on “Unique baby favors

    1. Yes I did! For all my other siblings it was chocolate because they were born in Africa and they had no other things there but for special me *wub* lol it was a small bib the size of the hand with sweets in it and a pin that had a tiny baby bottle hanging from it.

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