Fear a woman’s wrath: Ex-wife starts wedding tent fire

When a couple of days ago we heard of the fire we didn’t know it was arson so everybody deemed it a very terrible tragedy but then the truth came out. Whatever the ex-husband did to her why did this woman take it out on the new wife and scores of women and children? It seems that she planned the attack because she used fuel soaked rags. It makes you really think about wrath and its effect of human actions. Wrath as defined by dictionaries, is a form of vindictive anger that consumes a person.

Many people think that logic and emotions are separate but the mind is not made of individual unlinked boxes, on the contrary they are all connected to each other, ideas and feelings. Intense emotions are problematic because they take over the rational part of the brain causing a person unable to think clearly about a situation, totally obsessed by it. I think that is what occurred to the woman arsonist.  Hate doesn’t solve a thing for now she is responsible for killing 43 women and children.

Ina lilahi wa ina elayhi raj’oun (To Allah SWT we belong and to Him we return)

Ex-wife admits starting Kuwait wedding tent fire, say reports

Groom’s former wife confesses arson attack that killed scores of women and children attending celebrations in al-Jahra

by Peter Walker and agencies, guardian.co.uk, Monday 17 August 2009

A fire that swept through a tent at a wedding party in Kuwait, killing at least 43 women and children, was started deliberately by the groom’s ex-wife as an act of revenge, reports claimed today.

The yet to be named woman confessed to using petrol to set the packed tent alight, Kuwait’s al-Qabas newspaper reported, adding that she had done so because of the way her former husband treated her.

The death toll from the blaze climbed to 43 after two severely burned victims died from their injuries yesterday, the country’s fire department said.

The tent, set up for female guests at the wedding celebration in al-Jahra, a tribal area west of Kuwait City, became consumed by fire within three minutes of being lit on Saturday night. A number of those killed were believed to have been crushed as people attempted to flee. Fifty-two people are in hospital.

Colonel Mohammed al-Saber, a spokesman for the interior ministry, told state television that the blaze was caused by arson and that the culprit had confessed to carrying out the crime for personal reasons.

The English-language Kuwait Times said the arsonist was arrested after witnesses said they had seen a woman setting the tent on fire using kerosene-soaked rags. The new bride was uninjured but her mother and sister were killed, the paper reported, citing an unnamed source.

Kuwaitis celebrate weddings in separate parties for men and women, with children attending the women’s event. In tribal regions the parties are often held in tents, a custom rooted in the country’s nomadic heritage.

Kuwait’s emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, said that out of sympathy for the victims he would not be receiving the customary wellwishers for the advent of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which starts this week.


5 thoughts on “Fear a woman’s wrath: Ex-wife starts wedding tent fire

  1. Oh my God subhanAllah, what a horrid thing to do.. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. May Allah forgive us all.

    “The new bride was uninjured but her mother and sister were killed”

    1. “The new bride was uninjured but her mother and sister were killed”

      Yes that made me very sad, the poor bride la halwala wala quwata ila billah. Ameen to the dua.

  2. Horrible and so sad. May Allah forgive the sins of those He took; may Allah have mery on us all. Supanallah, what on earth did a husband’s preceived poor treatment of his ex-wife have to do with her deciding to killing of 43 sisters and their children? It was such a hopeless act. Oh, Allah protects from losing hope.

  3. SubhanAllah!!! Amiin to the duas!

    I hadn’t heard such a thing before, I mean, 43 people killed because of her revenge, CHILDREN including.. Unbelievable, she’s out of her mind.
    SubhanAllah, poor bride, ohmygash, remembering that when one married the man one lost their mother and sister… SubhanAllah, I wouldn’t be able to bare it!!

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