This is not for your age!

I’m one of these people with what they call a “baby face” meaning I look younger than I actually am. I always had a shock from people when they know my age, they don’t even believe me. When I was younger in my teens it was not really a big problem but when I reached my twenties and people think I’m 10 years younger in my teens there the problem lies.

People act and behave towards you according to their perception of you. So if people think you are a teen they don’t act with you as if you are a mature adult. This issue comes up whenever I go to buy something, “oh this is not for your age, take this” ahhh I don’t like these things anymore may be if I was 17. Like yesterday the saleswoman asked me if I’m in the university (thank God she didn’t say school) I told her I finished a while ago…here comes the shock, “you did”! A few weeks ago the same thing happened while buying a watch, I chose one…”no,no…this is not for your age” so I told him I’m way older than he thinks so he responds “what like 20” 😦 ok that means he thought I was much younger before! Ah this will be a blessing when I’m in my 40s and people think I’m 30, no? 😆

4 thoughts on “This is not for your age!

    1. Haha, insha’Allah it will sis, if a person is pure and good on the inside it is bound to show on how they look. Hmm I have to wait like a decade or more to get to be treated like an adult lol. Oh I forgot even my cousin asked me if I finshed school or not *rolls eyes*.

  1. I just realized you have another blog! 🙂

    And it is a blessing indeed mashaAllah! I had the opposite problem when I was younger; I grew up really fast, and ended up very tall- I’m the same height now that I was in the 5th grade. So people always thought I was older, and I kept having to explain, it got annoying. But I’ve sort of managed to fit in with everyone now, I think. Hopefully when I’m 30 they won’t think I’m 40! 😦

    1. Salaam sis 🙂

      Yeah I opened it a week ago I think. Wow masha’Allah but yes being tall when you are young if you are girl prompts questions from others. I think I’m the same height I was in 7th grade. Ah insha’Allah they won’t think your older don’t worry that gives wrinkles 😛

      just kidding. 😀

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