Foretelling the future

I have rarely met a person who doesn’t wish to know what his/her future holds. I guess it has to do with people’s curiosity, fear of the unknown, and wanting control over one’s life. People go to fortune tellers or see their everyday astrological sign waiting anxiously for that good news or horrified at the bad news. It is beyond me how can a person think another human being is able to tell the future but nonetheless it is a wide spread phenomenon.

The question is should we really know the future? Regardless if those signs and fortune tellers are saying the truth or not I don’t think it is for the well being of a person to know his/her future. If the news is good this person will await this news on a silver platter with anticipation looking at everything as a sign of this news and forgoes the effect of active work and action in the formation of the future. For example: if a person was told he/she will pass their exams, most likely this person will not even study thinking his/her future is already set but logically this person has to study to pass first. So knowing good news might compel people to become lazy and inactive in their lives. On the other hand, if a person is given bad news this case is much harder because they will live in constant fear until the event happens. The stress of waiting for the event stops the life of this person and he/she will not be able to function properly.

There is a reason why humans can’t tell the future because it affects their lives in a negative way. Always aim for a better future and hope good things will happen to you and you can surpass the obstacles, in Islam we call it tawakul ala Allah (we put our faith in Allah and depend on Him in all things).

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