Superficial women who only pick on clothes in the name of freedom

I don’t understand the logic of some women who claim they are advocates of the freedom of all women by standing against the Muslim veil (hijab-an obligation in Muslim faith) yet they also think at the same time a woman should be regarded as an object for men to ogle at. These women seek the attention of men by their looks, hair and outfits knowing very well that the man is not attracted to them by their intelligence or character; yet, they criticize hijabs and claim that women who wear it are oppressed. At least a woman wearing hijab will be dealt with as a person and another human being to connect with and not an object to stare at. How were they convinced that a total personification of women just on their looks in the society they live in has to do with freedom? What does being modest have to do with oppression? What does wanting not to be looked at in an inappropriate manner from a man have to do with persecution?! This nonsense of not feeling pretty unless a man notices you is beyond shallow. They have no problem with how women are used in music videos and in movies. They have no problem with the pressures that society puts on women to look and act in a certain way. They have no problem that women in their societies are preoccupied with frivolous things as how to look like this singer or this movie star and need makeovers so they have better self-confidence; how absurd that something of the inner self is connected to how one looks. Of all the hysterics some women have over hijab you think if it is gone all is well in the world and woman fly sky high with the huge amount of freedom under their feet. Focus on the real issues women need and stop dealing with something you don’t understand.


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